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Halt and Catch Fire’s second season is now available on Netflix.  The first season had been out there for a while, but the second season has pretty much universally been heralded as a big improvement on the first, so if you gave up on the show after season one, give it another shot.

You can also catch the episodes on HACF’s website.

The third season of the AMC series should premiere sometime in the summer (no firm date yet).  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Manish Dayal has been added to the cast.  The four series regulars – Lee Pace, Kerry Bishe, Mackenzie Davis and Scoot McNairy, will all be returning.

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Conservation International has produced several nature-related videos with the voices of Lee Pace, Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey and others for a series called Nature Is Speaking.  You can view them here or on CI’s YouTube channel.

Below is Pace as Mountain and Ford as The Ocean.  Head over to one of the links above to see the others, such as Neeson as Ice and Spacey as The Rainforest.

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The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey is over on PBS.  Barring any (rumored) film becoming a reality, it seems we have to leave the Crawley family behind.

So what’s a Downton fan to watch now?

Well, creator Julian Fellowes is working on a new period series, The Gilded Age, for NBC.  That series will start filming this year.  It’s set in New York in the 1880’s, according to Radio Times.

He also has a novel, Belgravia, that will be released online in 11 installments.  Sign up here.  The first episode will appear in April and will be available in both text and audio, with an option to download each episode to an app.

Here’s Fellowes doing an introduction to the project:

Fellowes also adapted Anthony Trollope‘s novel for Doctor Thorne, which just premiered last night on ITV.  No word on whether this will be coming the US, though.  (BTW, it was beaten in the ratings by Tom Hiddleston’s The Night Manager on BBC.)

On PBS’s Masterpiece Downton’s slot will be taken by a replay of Mercy Street, set in a hospital during the Civil War.

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According to The Guardian, Tom Hiddleston is in the mix to take over the role of James Bond, and he has let it be known that he would like the gig when Daniel Craig packs it in.  He wouldn’t be a bad choice.  Despite being a nerd favorite as Marvel’s Loki, he’s still not a household name here, and taking on Bond would definitely raise his profile.

There have been a lot of names thrown around for actors willing to take on 007, including Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Aidan Turner (who since Poldark has become a very hot property).  One of the favorites has to be Henry Cavill, who was in the running before but was considered too young.  As The Guardian points out, though, Cavill will be very busy being Superman for some time to come, and may not be able to take the role.  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. did look like an audition for 007…. but the ending of that film hinted that a sequel may be coming, which would make doing Bond a little awkward.

No word yet on whether Craig is going to do another film, but if he does it will probably be his last, so we will no doubt be in for another actor taking over before too long.

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