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If you’re a big fan of Captain America and/or you don’t want any spoilers re the comic series, stop reading now.

Because Marvel just broke everybody’s heart.  The most patriotic American hero (c’mon, he’s named Captain America, for chrissakes) was just given a nasty twist in the comics by Nick Spencer, with his nefarious cohort, artist Jesus Saiz.

Captain America, our steely-jawed hero, is a Hydra plant??

Chris Evans, portrayer of our fine Captain in the films, had this reaction on Twitter:


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Castle the television show may be over, but the Richard Castle Nikki Heat novels will continue on, at least for a while.

The Hollywood Reporter says there will be two more releases, High Heat on October 25th and Heat Storm, which will be out next year.

You can read the first chapter of High Heat here.

#RichardCastle #NikkiHeat

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While we’re on the subject of Star Trek, you may want to know that the new CBS television series will be available only with a paid subscription to CBS All Access.  Yes, that sucks.

A brief teaser showing the new logo (with what I think is an odd hatched design on the insignia) was released and is below.


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The San Diego Comic Con has had some pretty cool events (Loki anyone?), but now this will be the venue for the premiere of Star Trek Beyond, as reported by Deadline.  It will be shown on an outdoor IMAX screen at the Embarcadero Marina Park on July 20th.  Members of the cast and crew will be attending.

Click here for more from SDCC.

Oh yeah, and here’s a new trailer from Paramount starring some aliens who clearly need a new moisturizing routine:

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According to the bookies, who have shut down taking bets on the matter, Tom Hiddleston is the clear favorite to become the next James Bond.  This after it was rumored the Thor star had a meeting with producers Barbara Broccoli and Sam Mendes (see Radio Times’ article here).

Apparently Hiddleston’s role as a spy in The Night Manager gave him a leg up on the casting.  But I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal by any means.  Other names that have been favorites to win the coveted role include Damian Lewis, Aidan Turner, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy.  Some are saying that Hiddles is too slight, too “girly,” too whatever for the role, but I remember when Daniel Craig was announced as 007, and the derision he endured for that.  That casting turned out OK, I’d say.

So we’ll see if there’s an announcement soon.  It does appear, though, that Craig is passing the keys to the Aston Martin on to someone else.

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If you like Ryan Eggold’s character Tom Keen on The Blacklist, you’ll love this news.  As reported by Deadline, Eggold and Keen are getting a spinoff titled The Blacklist: Redemption.

Also starring in the series will be Famke Janssen, who will play Keen’s mother Scottie Hargrave, the head of Grey Matters, an organization that goes around solving prickly problems the world’s governments can’t (at least not legally).

The show will also star Edi Gathegi, who will be picking up his role as Mr. Solomon from The Blacklist, and Tawny Cypress.

#RyanEggold #TheBlacklistRedemption

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ABC has done it again.

After firing leading lady Stana Katic and supporting player Tamala Jones, TPTB at ABC spent the next several weeks tying up season 9 contracts with the show’s other stars (Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, etc.).  It appears that was all for naught.  Monday’s episode of Castle will be its last, as reported by Deadline.

Katic and Jones’ departures were said to be budget-related, but behind the scenes animosity between Katic and Fillion made it impossible for them to work together.  Still, I was almost certain ABC was going to save the show and spin it in a different  direction, with Castle working on cases with his daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn).  It appears the backlash from fans over Katic’s firing convinced the network to kill the show instead.  Personally I don’t think that was a good move, but we’ll never know if the reworked show would have been a hit.

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Deadline is reporting that the standalone Star Wars spinoff film focusing on Han Solo’s early days will star Alden Ehrenreich.  Ehrenreich must have had a great audition, because he looks nothing like Harrison Ford.  Not sure I’m down with this casting!

The uninspired working title is Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.  It is currently scheduled to be released in May of 2018.

#StarWars #HanSoloMovie

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