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Conservation International has produced several nature-related videos with the voices of Lee Pace, Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey and others for a series called Nature Is Speaking.  You can view them here or on CI’s YouTube channel.

Below is Pace as Mountain and Ford as The Ocean.  Head over to one of the links above to see the others, such as Neeson as Ice and Spacey as The Rainforest.

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There hasn’t been anything interesting to post about for a while, unless you’re a Tom Hiddleston fan, in which case you may want to check out these uhhh… interesting photos from High Rise (via Collider).

Speaking of Hiddleston, the rumor that he will show up in Sherlock series 4 as the third Holmes brother continues to swirl.  Universe, make it happen already!

In other news, today the list of performers for Letters Live was released, and Benedict Cumberbatch will again be one of the readers.  Gillian Anderson, Russell Brand, Ian McKellen and Jude Law are among the others who will appear.  The performers read letters from famous people.  For example, last year Benedict read a letter from Alan Turing, whom he portrayed in The Imitation Game.

This year the event will run from March 10th through the 15th at Freemason’s Hall in London.

Letters Live supports literacy charities.  You can get more information here on the official website.

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