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Some snippets of news for your Friday…

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Fox has given Lethal Weapon a renewal for season 2.  If you haven’t been watching this show you’re missing out.  And if someone doesn’t give Clayne Crawford some kind of award then there’s something wrong somewhere.  He’s done an incredible job all year taking on a very difficult role.  Love the rest of the cast also.

To almost everyone’s surprise, NBC has given Days Of Our Lives a renewal for its 52nd season.  Low ratings, Megyn Kelly and writing team shakeups notwithstanding, there will be more sand flowing through the hourglass!  While I only check in on my old soap occasionally, I would be very sad to see it go.  It’s like that old teddy bear in the box stuffed in the back of a closet… you may not look at it often, but you know it’s there if you want to.

Benedict Cumberbatch has another new project coming up, and surprisingly, this one is for the BBC and PBS’ Masterpiece.  According to Deadline, he will star as Stephen Lewis in The Child In Time, adapting the novel by Ian McEwan.  Benedict will also executive produce under his SunnyMarch TV banner.  The plot revolves around Lewis and his wife, and the difficulties they face after their daughter goes missing.

Benedict is filming The Current War, where he plays Thomas Edison to Michael Shannon’s George Westinghouse.  He’ll also be putting on the Cloak of Levitation again in Thor: Ragnarok and the sequel to Doctor Strange.  One busy man.

If you’re a Dan Stevens fan (and you’ve forgiven him for leaving Downton Abbey) then you can catch him in FX’s Legion as David Haller.  This is one of the more obscure X-Men characters.  The role is a big departure for Stevens from Downton and his upcoming princely role in the live-action Beauty and the Beast.

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What were you doing in 1965?  If you were watching NBC you may have seen the first episode of Days Of Our Lives, which is celebrating 50 years on the air.

days-of-our-lives-todayshow-10-27-15It hasn’t always been certain that DOOL would be around this long.  Cancellation rumors have circled more than once as soaps have seen quite a consolidation.  Reality shows, cooking shows and talk shows have replaced many on the networks’ schedules.  There are now only four surviving – General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and DOOL.

But it looks like Days is again in a good place, with new writers, favorite cast members returning (many permanently, some not), and higher ratings.  NBC has gone all-out for the 50th anniversary, with a coffee table book, including cast tours and autograph sessions to promote it, and a big red carpet gala.

While some actors make soaps their permanent home, others move on.  Some famous people who have passed through Salem are Jensen Ackles of Supernatural, Ashley Bensen of Pretty Little Liars, LeAnn Rimes, and of course, Alison Sweeney — who is currently back for a while as Sami (see this article in the New York Daily News).  Other famous people who have starred on soaps include Nathan Fillion (One Life To Live), Kelly Ripa (General Hospital), Ryan Philippe (One Life To Live), Demi Moore (General Hospital), Meg Ryan (As The World Turns), Kevin Bacon (Guiding Light), Brad Pitt (Another World) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Santa Barbara).  Julia Roberts is famously a big DOOL fan.

If you haven’t been following the hilarious antics on Twitter of Thaao Penghlis (the villainous Andre DiMera) and Billy Flynn (his little brother, Chad), plug into @thaaopenghlis and @billymflynn.  The official account for Days is @nbcdays.  Many other cast members are also on Twitter, such as Deidre Hall, Galen Gering and Kristian Alfonso.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Days!  Here’s to the next 50 years of love, angst, murder and general mayhem!

Image: Cast members Deidre Hall, Galen Gering, Kristian Alfonso, Stephen Nichols, Lauren Koslow, Thaao Penghlis and Billy Flynn on Today 10-27-15

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John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, gave a disabled Syrian refugee girl named Noujain Mustaffa a gift with a little help from some cast members of NBC’s Days Of Our Lives.

To do it, he even brought the character E.J. DiMera back from the dead, which as we know is almost never done with soap opera characters.  Ahem.

Anyway, E.J. portrayer James Scott, who left the soap earlier this year, and Alison Sweeney, who played his wife/widow Sami, created a video just for Noujain, who is a huge fan of Days Of Our Lives.  I’m not sure how she used to watch it — maybe on the NBC Days website where they load up full episodes — but this is apparently how she learned English.

We first meet Noujain in the video below starting at about 3:47 in.  There are two parts to the DOOL story, at 13:05 and 15:45.  But watch the whole thing, Oliver manages to make a very serious subject pretty funny.

I’m a long-time DOOL fan who returned to watching the show a few weeks ago after being gone for a few years, so I’m still catching up.  One thing I’ve learned already though, is that John Oliver is right, Abigail Deveraux is kind of a trollop!  But hey, it’s no secret that DOOL has the best looking men in daytime, so who can blame her?  I’m team Chabby all the way.

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Video via the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel

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