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I’m not bitter at ABC for cancelling Ioan Gruffudd’s Forever, nor for cancelling Pushing Daisies, a perennial favorite on the list of Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon.  OK, maybe a little bitter.  Scratch that – still a lot bitter.

Anyway, the stars of those shows went on to other things (in Lee Pace’s case, he became an elf king, not a bad gig).  As mentioned in the post below, Ioan Gruffudd will be starring in a six-episode series on the Sundance Channel with Joanne Froggatt.

ABC is redeeming themselves a little bit in Gruffudd’s case.  He will be making a series in Australia for ABC Studios International, Harrow.  The show is in partnership with the Australian Broadcasting Company.  Gruffudd will once again be playing a forensic pathologist with a secret to hide.  The series will be shown here in the U.S.  You can find additional info here on Deadline.

If you haven’t been watching Halt and Catch Fire on AMC, you should go to their website and catch up before the fourth and final season starts on Saturday, August 19th.  Set in the early 1990’s the fourth season centers around a Really Big Thing that is about to happen… something called the internet.  The show stars Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishe.  Below is a teaser.

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If you’ve been missing Joanne Froggatt  (Downton Abbey) and Ioan Gruffudd (Forever) on your television screens, you’re about to be a happy camper.

According to USA Today, the two will star in a six-episode series called Liar for the Sundance channel.

The synopsis is described in the article:

Froggatt stars as Laura Nielson, a school teacher who goes out on a seemingly innocent date with Andrew Earlham, a surgeon played by Gruffudd. When something goes wrong, the two of them get caught in a mix of accusations, lies, secrets and possible crimes.

Sounds intriguing.

The series premieres on September 27th.

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As reported by Deadline, Stana Katic was not asked to return for season 9 of Castle.  Tamala Jones, who portrayed M.E. Lanie Parish, will also not be returning.

Castle_clenchThe two exits are being written up as budget cuts, but it had been rumored for some time that Katic and star Nathan Fillion weren’t getting along on set, and that Katic was unhappy.  Don’t worry, though, she has no less than four movies coming out this year.

And just what do the showrunners have in mind as a suitable finale for the Castle/Beckett love story?  They’re not saying, but my guess is Beckett will meet her end wrapping up the LokSat arc, leaving Rick a grieving widower.  I don’t think after eight seasons a recast would be in the cards, but I guess it’s a possibility.

Also a possibility is for the show to take off in another direction or even get a spinoff.  Fillion is apparently in talks to return for season 9, although it may be cut to 13 episodes, probably to see if a new format sticks.

In other news, Forever may not be coming back (bet ABC is regretting that one now, considering nothing in its former timeslot has done half as well), but star Ioan Gruffudd has moved on to a new gig.  Entertainment Weekly reports he will have a recurring role in the 2nd season of UnREAL on Lifetime.  The season starts on June 6th.

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I was so bummed when ABC cancelled the Ioan Gruffudd series Forever, and then bummed again when it failed to find a new home with another network.  In the meantime the only new show this season that’s a solid hit is NBC’s Blindspot.  As CinemaBlend points out, Forever’s replacement Wicked City is only pulling .7 in the demo, while Forever did 1.2, with very good numbers on DVR viewers.

So take that, ABC.  Should have moved it to another night or just let it ride with those numbers.  Did you learn nothing from Pushing Daisies??

If you live in the U.S. and want to pick up Forever on DVD you’ll be able to do so, sometime in 2016.  According to tvshowsondvd.com, Forever’s one and only season will also be available in Canada in January.

Speaking of ABC, Castle is finally getting back on track after heading down a darker-than-usual path, including the “break-up” of Castle and Beckett.  And I noticed they quietly ditched the Beckett running for Senator storyline.  If viewers want an edgy police procedural, there are plenty of those.  What makes Castle is the humor (ice bullets, anyone?) and the relationships – Castle and Beckett, Javi and Kevin, Alexis and Martha… I even like the new character, Hayley.  The last episode, Mr. and Mrs. Castle, finally gets Castle and Beckett back together and starts to head the show back to where it needs to be.  So wrap up this LokSat backstory and get back to what makes Castle fun.

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