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UPDATE: There’s good news and bad news. According to Deadline, Lethal Weapon has been renewed for a third season. The bad news – Clayne Crawford will not be back. Sean William Scott is joining the cast as a new character who will be Murtaugh’s partner. I think Clayne is very talented, I hope to see him in another project soon.


The report of Clayne Crawford being fired from Fox’s Lethal Weapon may be premature. Or maybe not. Who knows? Yesterday he tweeted that he has received no official word that he has been let go. Upfronts are tomorrow (Monday), but I’ve also heard that we may not know until June 30th. So we wait.

Reportedly other actors have been offered the role but have turned it down.

In the meantime, Damon Wayans has been a bit of a diva. First he tweets some anti-Clayne stuff, then he tweets some pro-Clayne stuff, then he claims he was hacked and that he’s under a lot of stress. Well, I imagine the other 200 people who work on the show, all of whom make less than DW, are under stress too. Maybe Clayne isn’t the one that needs to be replaced?

Former co-stars like Hilarie Burton have been defending Clayne on Twitter, and the fans are very anti-recast, so there’s hope that the cast will return intact if Fox and the showrunners want the fans to stay with it.

Let me just say that these behind-the-scenes squabbles have ruined more than one show. Castle went by the wayside because Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic couldn’t get along. Rumor has it that Pauley Perrette left NCIS because she could no longer work with Mark Harmon (sounds like that’s Harmon’s fault, not hers, but who knows)? It would be a shame if LW ends because of squabbling.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for news.

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Fall is coming, and with it the anticipated premieres of some television shows that will hopefully get us out of the late summer doldrums.  There hasn’t been much going on in the theater.  I did see The Hitman’s Bodyguard, but didn’t end up reviewing it.  (Long story short: if you really need to go to the movies it’s OK, but the scene stealer in that film is Salma Hayek.)

Anyway, below are some series (and mini-series) I’m looking forward to or that I thought you might be.  Hit the Calendar page also for other upcoming dates of interest.  Entertainment Weekly has a comprehensive list here.

Outlander – Starz – Sunday, Sept. 10

Star Trek: Discovery – CBS All Access – Sunday, Sept. 24; Netflix will show the series outside of the U.S. and Canada, including the U.K., the day after it airs here

The Voice – NBC – Monday, Sept. 25/Tuesday, Sept. 26

Lethal Weapon – Fox – Tuesday, Sept. 26

LiarSundance Wednesday, Sept. 27, ITV Monday, Sept. 11

The Blacklist – NBC – Wednesday, Sept. 27

Will & Grace – NBC – Thursday, Sept. 28

Marvel’s Inhumans – ABC – Friday, Sept. 29

Poldark series 3 – PBS Masterpiece – Sunday, Oct. 1

Marvel’s Runaways – Hulu – Tuesday, Nov. 21

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Some snippets of news for your Friday…

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Fox has given Lethal Weapon a renewal for season 2.  If you haven’t been watching this show you’re missing out.  And if someone doesn’t give Clayne Crawford some kind of award then there’s something wrong somewhere.  He’s done an incredible job all year taking on a very difficult role.  Love the rest of the cast also.

To almost everyone’s surprise, NBC has given Days Of Our Lives a renewal for its 52nd season.  Low ratings, Megyn Kelly and writing team shakeups notwithstanding, there will be more sand flowing through the hourglass!  While I only check in on my old soap occasionally, I would be very sad to see it go.  It’s like that old teddy bear in the box stuffed in the back of a closet… you may not look at it often, but you know it’s there if you want to.

Benedict Cumberbatch has another new project coming up, and surprisingly, this one is for the BBC and PBS’ Masterpiece.  According to Deadline, he will star as Stephen Lewis in The Child In Time, adapting the novel by Ian McEwan.  Benedict will also executive produce under his SunnyMarch TV banner.  The plot revolves around Lewis and his wife, and the difficulties they face after their daughter goes missing.

Benedict is filming The Current War, where he plays Thomas Edison to Michael Shannon’s George Westinghouse.  He’ll also be putting on the Cloak of Levitation again in Thor: Ragnarok and the sequel to Doctor Strange.  One busy man.

If you’re a Dan Stevens fan (and you’ve forgiven him for leaving Downton Abbey) then you can catch him in FX’s Legion as David Haller.  This is one of the more obscure X-Men characters.  The role is a big departure for Stevens from Downton and his upcoming princely role in the live-action Beauty and the Beast.

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Is everybody jolly out there?  Well, if not, I’m here to give you some ideas how to spend your time off from work.

  1. Go to a movie.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the big one out there that you may have trouble getting tickets to.  Order them online if necessary.  I haven’t had time to check this one out yet, but I probably will in the next few days.  Chris Pratt’s Passengers is also out, but with a big ol’ Rotten Tomatoes splat (31% – yikes!) I’m not sure if I’ll put out the coin for that one or just wait for it to show up for rent online.  If anybody’s seen it feel free to let me know how it is by posting a comment.
  2. Watch Sherlock series 4.  This will premiere on the BBC and PBS on January 1 with the next two episodes on subsequent Sundays.  The last episode, The Final Problem, will also be shown in certain theaters.  See my previous post for more info.
  3. Do some charitable work and/or donate to your favorite cause.
  4. Catch up on Lethal Weapon.  Episodes are available for free online.
  5. Play with the furkids.  You got the felines and canines and any other animals in your lives presents, right?  Mine are getting a some-assembly-required new cat tree.  Cross your fingers I get this one put together before I have to go back to work.  I have 10 days.
  6. Rewatch all the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.  That’ll take you a while.  Be sure to get up and stretch once in a while.
  7. Write down your New Year’s Resolutions.  Then put them in an envelope, tear them in half, and throw them away.  Seriously, who needs the pressure?
  8. Watch all the old Sherlock Holmes films with Basil Rathbone.  There were 14 of them.  Personally I’d skip the ones where they’re chasing Nazis (outside of the first two they were all in what was then present day.  No, BBC’s Sherlock wasn’t the first to do that).
  9. Listen to all 26 episodes of BBC radio’s Cabin Pressure.  With Benedict Cumberbatch and a crew of very funny people (including Anthony Head in some later episodes), it’s my go-to comedy series when I need a laugh.  You can order the CD’s or an Audible version on Amazon.

Everyone have a very happy whatever-you’re-celebrating, and hug the furkids for me!

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The Mel Gibson/Danny Glover Lethal Weapon films are classics, so when I saw Fox was doing a television series I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it or would like it.  I was wrong.  This and Designated Survivor are the only new shows on my DVR list, and of the two I always try to watch Weapon live and I’ll catch up Survivor on DVR.

Is the series as good as the films?  I’d say it’s about 85% as good, but you’re talking putting together an hour long show every week, instead of a two-hour film in three months.  I can tell you the best thing about the series in two words: Clayne.Crawford.  Crawford takes on the role of batshit crazy, suicidal cop Martin Riggs.  Damon Wayans is Roger Murtaugh, Riggs’ older partner.  When he’s partnered up with Riggs it doesn’t take long for him to figure out that arrangement could be just as dangerous for his longevity as the heart attack he just recovered from.

I hadn’t seen Crawford in anything before Weapon, but if you want you can still catch him in the Sundance Channel’s series Rectify.  He is very impressive as Riggs, which is not an easy role.  One minute he’s making jokes and pulling stunts, and the next he’s reminded of his pregnant wife who died in a car crash, and the pain he’s feeling comes like a punch in the gut.  He has the comic chops to go toe to toe with Wayans, who is great at the comedy but is not Crawford’s equal in the drama department.  Nonetheless these two have great chemistry on screen.

The supporting cast includes Jordana Brewster (The Fast and The Furious) as an LAPD psychiatrist and an excellent Keesha Sharp as Roger’s lawyer wife Trish.

There’s a serious amount of action, car crashes and general mayhem in each episode, which tells me Fox is spending some bucks on it.  They’ve ordered a more-or-less full series of episodes (18), so here’s hoping the show will get a second season renewal.

Promo below:

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